Gambling Prevention


“Don’t Bet Your Life” is a gambling preventative project funded by Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation .  Project works with Vietnamese in metro multiple areas such as Brimbank, Yarra, Springvale, Maribyrnong with four main aims:

  • to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of gambling, the matrix which the gaming industry uses to lure people into spending money on gambling,
  • to raise awareness the impacts of problem gambling on individuals, families and society.  
  • to demystify taboos in gambling
  • to inform available support services if gambling becomes an issue for themselves and or their relatives 

In the last three years, there are varied activities that we have done.  The highlights  are serial Mental Health First Aids & Gambling Awareness trainings which engaged 100 participants. 30 theatrical workshops related to gambling harms have been organised and performed in front of nearly 200 audiences in West Footscray, St Albans, Ascot Vale, Lalor, Sunshine.  We have received a great number of positive feedbacks about these performances.