From Left to Right: MC Thuy Nguyen, Mayor of the City of Yarra Roberto Colanzi, President Thanh Kham Tran-Dang, CEO Cam Nguyen, and Labor Candidate for Councillor of the City of Yarra Mei-Lin Chen

Ngoài thức ăn Việt ngon thơm, chương trình văn nghệ thật đặc sắc, gồm ca múa không những chỉ Việt Nam mà còn thêm Trung Hoa, Nhật Bổn và Nepal. Cũng thật cảm động khi nhìn thấy các em bé ngây thơ, tươi cười, hãnh diện rước lồng đèn theo truyền thống Việt.


























Richmond Full Moon Festival 2016

Sponsored by the City of Yarra, organised by Australian Vietnamese Women's Association staff and volunteers, the Richmond Full Moon Festival 2016 successfully brought together a lot of families and individuals, the young and old from several local Vietnamese groups. We also received two honoured guests: Roberto Colanzi, Mayor of the City of Yarra, and Mei-Lin Chen, Labor Candidate for Councillor of the City of Yarra.

There were many happy, smiling faces gathered to celebrate, enjoy and socialise at the Salvation Army Church next to the Richmond office of AVWA.

Apart from the fantastic traditional Vietnamese food, the colourful multi-cultural performances ranged from Vietnamese, Chinese to Nepalese and Japanese. It touched our hearts to see the joyful, innocent children showing off their lanterns in the traditional Lantern Parade.