Another important development was about our bilingual website which was completed and operational. In order to address the language barrier and inform the public more effectively, AVWA website publishes both English and Vietnamese articles, event information and project details, etc..It is also easy to access for web surfers who want to keep themselves up-to-date with AVWA current and future events. Another major IT solution in the last year was the creation of a system called “AVWA Administration” which was web-based and mainly for reception administrative officers. This is more effective and user-friendly when used internally in our intranet in order to generate manageable AVWA receipts and membership records, improve database and information management and to reduce the cost of website hosting service. Last but not least, a number of computers in all three offices were either replaced, repaired or improved significantly during last year. By replacing old-fashioned hard disk drives, computers became more stable and functioned ten times faster with solid state drives.

Concerning the Media, the team and voluntary workers played a crucial role in the Phụ Nữ Việt publication. An outstanding volunteer – Naomi Tran contributed designs of ads, flyers and the magazine cover. 8000 copies of the magazine were published and distributed to the Vietnamese community across Melbourne viz. at various Lunar New Year festivals, at Hoan Thiện Catholic centre (Keysborough), Quang Minh (Braybrook) and Hoa Nghiêm (Springvale) Buddhist temples, etc.

Furthermore, the Media and IT team, satisfactorily responded to our CEO’s demand for rapid internet information provision to the public. Events were photographed by IT team members who promptly edited the photos and uploaded them onto the website generally within 24 hours or even on the same day as the event. In addition, a bundle of banners, business cards, magnets, etc. was designed and printed for marketing purposes.

Cameras and security systems were configured accurately in order to create a safe working environment in all our offices. Training courses now being taught at our newest Springvale office enjoyed facilities such as TV, WIFI, and so on for students to access internet for training purposes.

The continuing growth in the number of AVWA employees coupled with the limited number of computers and working spaces is our undeniable future challenge for this year. This will possibly be addressed by providing user working accounts at any available computers. In addition, the system “AVWA Administration” is ready for development and enlargement with more functionalities if needed.   

Xuan Dung Huynh

Media and Information Technology Coordinator

The Ly                                     IT Technical Support, Website Administrator, Software Developer

Cam Nguyen,                          Editor and English language Proofreader

Thanh Kham Tran Dang,        Editor and Vietnamese language Proofreader

Huy Luu,                                 Vietnamese Language Proofreader